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Participating in the RTA Transit Fare Benefit Program saves you money and time on your commute. Set aside pre-tax money for transit and parking costs to make your travel to work easier and less expensive.

If your employer doesn’t offer a transit benefit fare program, encourage them to enroll today.


Log into your Transit Fare Benefit account to check your balance, order a new card, add more money, and more.

How you save

Employees using the Transit Benefit Program can have money deducted pre-tax from their paycheck to pay for transit and parking expenses.

By enrolling in the program, the amount of money you set aside to pay for your commute doesn’t count as taxable income. Automatically deducting commuting costs from your paycheck means you take home more money and have a simple way to pay for transit.

Employees can save up to 40 percent through reduced taxes paid using the pre-tax deduction. You can set aside up to $315 for transit and $315 for parking, per month using the Transit Benefit Program.

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